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Outboard Marine Corp.


Service Tool Catalogue





(Sellers Inventory no. B110064)


For sale, we are offering an original, vintage, 1958 Outboard Marine Corporation, service tool catalogue. This catalogue is a new old stock book from a local marine and small motor business.

These brochures, booklets and sales sheets are new old stock, stored for all these decades in a back room neatly filed and are in excellent condition.

While transporting these booklets, catalogues and sales sheets we noted a oil smell that had permeated the paper, reminding me of the dark small rooms that were so full of the racks and boxes and bits and pieces that made up the old stock of this business. It reminds me of the marinas I use to hang around as a kid.

Don't get me wrong, the paper items are in great condition, only the occasional smudge from an oily hand pulling them out for customers old motors over the decades, rather they have a nostalgic aroma of those old marinas that are mostly gone. If the condition varies from this description it will be noted below.

Condition: There are a few smudges noted on the front and back cover, mentioned only for complete accuracy. 


Please enlarge the photos to determine it's condition.


Size: The booklet measures approximately 11" long by 8.5" wide.


No. of Pages: 20


Be sure to check the photographs for relevant information such as makes and models covered.



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